07 My Testimony

My Salvation-Sanctification Testimony

My Monumental Moments and Thoughts

10:00 AM Tuesday September 4th 1979

        These are realizations God gave to me on 10:00 AM Tuesday September 4th 1979 that helped reverse the course of my life to turn toward God and serve Him instead of myself.
HELL.  There may be a place like hell for those who sin to go after they die and I don’t want to go there.  It is better to live one’s life believing there is a God. and possibly be wrong and go to heaven for eternity rather than the other way around.
MEANING.  If there is no God then all life has very little if any meaning.  It is better to live one’s life believing there is a God as this sets the course of one’s life on the only logical path.  Chaos is the other alternative.
WHO IS GOD? Looking around at the world I found that God must be love.  The highest aspect of one’s life is how much one has loved or is loved.
IS THERE A BOOK?  The Bible is full of truth like no other book that points to a God of high standards of love and logic.

       February 18th 1996

These are realizations God gave to me on that helped reverse a course in my life to turn toward God from an increasing destructive life of lukewarmness starting 17 years before.

TEMPORARY LIFE.  While salvaging the sunken boat (Turmoil) in Port Newark, NJ a fellow I was working with died when the boat fell back into the water. This helped me to realize that this life is very short and temporary and there is nothing anyone can do once it’s your time to go.  My life has always seemed especially temporary. God has had to save me from death in my present occupation of industrial smoke stack demolition and climbing (as my favourite pastime) more than a few times. I know God has intervened to keep me here.  I believe I would not be here if God had not intervened to insure I stay here by protecting me with angels. The earth is just a temporary stop like a dream before the dawn and it is a place where God is trying to reveal His glory to men but men refuse to acknowledge and serve Him.  It is the “gate to the hereafter” not “the life” as the world wrongly believes and lives it.  This is a great mistake to make.  This life is not a place to become comfortable and it is not a place where we can get comfortable or spend our lives fulfilling our own pleasures ultimately, because we are on our way out.  My neck started to hurt quite a bit over a few months and I could hardly drive. This made me realize that I could not fulfil any plans without God’s intervention for He was giving me life.  How can I do anything apart from His will because He is going to stop me eventually either by ending my plans at my death or before.

CONFUSION.  Without a committed life to God I found I  was travelling about in circles like those in the wilderness with Moses.  One minute I miss God’s smile, and the next minute I want to do my own thing.  Too much confusion.  It is much simpler to be hot or cold then lukewarm. The lukewarm life is a road of continuous searching for something new but never finding anything.  In truth a bad situation is the same as a good one because a good situation out of “Gods will” makes one uncomfortable because it is stolen not given.

DISAPPOINTMENT. Anything you get in this life rusts, rots, or wrinkles and if what you like here on earth is not something passing away remember that you are passing away. It says in the book of James that rust is a witness against us.  To look for something here in this life to rest in for pleasures sake will only result in disappointment.

REAL LIFE.  Heaven is where the correctly lived life is, and when we get there, we will be serving God every day from then on.  So, I realized that I needed to get into the habit of serving God since that’s what I am going to be doing for the rest of eternity anyway.  Real life is lived by those in heaven serving God. They are not finding and always looking for ways out or ways to please themselves. This life is so short, why do anything, but what pleases God.  Real life in heaven is serving and worshiping God. This real life can start now not after death. We are created by God to worship and serve His Holy laws which God exalts above Himself. God did not create us to serve our own lusts & pleasures but to enjoy our life given from Him in light of His presence. Since this world belongs to God we need to serve Him. Those who do not want to serve Jesus, God will put in prison because God’s plan is to make a perfect world. There is a big deference between the people of heaven and us. The people of this world serve themselves for the most part, so it seems kind of unusual for us to serve him, especially if we have the TV as our friend. However, think how many in heaven wish they had a second chance to live this life differently!  God hides himself from the proud, but don’t be fooled he is not too far from each of us!  Remember Enoch walked with God. God is here too.

THANKFULNESS.  Heaven is not a boring place and we need to get excited about going there because that is our real home, up there with God. There are angels in heaven that only live with God to worship him.  Everything we could or would desire is there which means to search out extra things here on earth is a result of unthankfulness and great selfishness, not to mention the fact that God has given us so much already!!  Look around!!  Why try to find something good in this world anyway, we already have so much.  So, will we be unthankful and greedy?  The ungodly life is just full of lust, not thankfulness. Big difference.  One must also be careful not to think one is better than others. God’s grace not our works make us different. There is nothing special about us apart from God.

BLINDNESS. The Devil blinds men to these truths.  God has intervened in my life because He is presently giving me life. The lukewarm life is a road of continuous searching for something new but never finding anything that leads to satisfaction where one could say “look I have found something worth serving other than God”.


September 30th 2007


I will stop harboring situations and people which estrange absolute communion with Christ.  That is other communions with other people, I will just put Christ first, He will be my “first love”.  Other relationships are first foundations of sinking sand.  I will put away unhealthy and unclean things (and if necessary, people) far from me, I will cut off these from the body.  This will give me the ability to rule even with a rod of iron, it will give me control rather than to relinquish control to Satan and man when are where I could be as dead as a millennial saint.  On the other hand, if I keep control in the flesh I could be like Samson.  Those who are servants of sin wish to bring me captive to my complete undoing as the trust becomes stronger in their faith.  I will commune only through Christ and not absent from Him. I will run to commune through the Spirit with everyone and put away communication through weak old ways with the old man that bring rot into men’s souls.


November 18th 2009


I fully embraced the doctrines of “Easy Believism” diametrically opposed to “Lordship Salvation” and set out to evangelize the free gospel to the world!

August 19th 2018

Manmade faith: From 11/18/09 until this day (8/19/18), I was struggling within the margins of Christendom not able to find where my responsibilities lie after having excepted the doctrines of “Easy Believism” diametrically opposed to “Lordship Salvation” given to me through Pastor Steven Anderson, Charles Ryrie, Zane Hodges, Robert N Wilkin, Bob , Dr. Charles Stanly.   On August 19th, after a short reconsideration on the 21st through the 24th I made a firm commitment to Lordship Salvation thereafter on the 25th till this present day.  From the 21st to the 24th my human nature felt a sense of freedom that I realized was allowed to be sinful until the 25th where I reclaimed a position of true salvation that I first had on the 19th.

Solving the problem of victory: The problems I was having within the doctrine were that there is no way one can have victory and centrality outside of making Jesus Lord of all.  I prayed about this problem often and found no solution other then what I saw in Buddhism, where slavery to sin is foolish.  When Lordship is not required, and especially if it is not a component of salvation it is made optional.  I realized that the Lord’s sheep hear His voice and follow Him.  They do not create their own Christianity after they are saved.  Now again, no longer did I view my Christianity as being able to be a free agent of God, but rather that I became restrained by the teachings of Gospel which encompasses the entire Bible, Jesus being the bread of life.  And to depart from this daily bread is to depart from God.

Power:  True faith, true salvation has ongoing salvation past, present, and future.  This means that if you are saved, if you are a branch (John 15) you will not be cut off.  You are to be a branch, a sheep being molded into the image of Christ as you painfully crucify the flesh, not a wild goat, not a wild vine.  True Christianity has power, Jesus said in Matthew 16: Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. 25For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. 26For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

Manmade Faith: Salvation does not have a date you can point to where you realized you believe Christ (See John 8:30ff), it is the presence of the Lord in your life, either you have Him, or you don’t.  And if there is no works, if there is no fruit, then you do not have Christ and He knows you not, you have no assurance and you do not have the Holy Spirit.  For even faith is a work of God, John 6:29, “This is the work of God, that ye believe”.

Calvinism: Furthermore, all this is required within Calvinism where works and fruit are justifiably part of your salvation in a past, present, and future context——if they come from God you justifiably have them, if they come from you then the argument will arise that true faith must be without works.  In other words, works are justified if God is the potter and you are the clay.  If your faith is the source of your creation and salvation then one can argue you are to have faith but you do not have to have ongoing works, your faith alone proves you are saved and works are optional.  The works are only there to prove you might have had faith and are in contract, for who can believe someone without also doing what they say because you believe it to be true.  Nevertheless, works to prove you once had faith don’t command the Christian life.  Jesus said “If you continue in My word then are you my disciples ..”

This is what I wrote on the 19th: “Steve Anderson is incorrect, rather John Macarthur is correct, which some call Lordship Salvation—-but more neatly understood within the framework of John MacArthur 5 point (not 6 point) Calvinism.   Your Good works are not your own because God is working with you both to will and to do, see Todd White for more on that as well, who is not a Calvinist, I think. You have to live a life of repentance if you are saved making Jesus Lord of All.”

This is what I wrote on the 25th: “Those in Matt 7:21 said ironically Lord Lord, the parable is not teaching that Jesus is not Lord! They did not say Saviour  Saviour, the subject is Christ’s Lordship not Saviourship.  Likewise, in John 8:31 mere faith has to be followed up by the fruit of the Holy Spirit.  Luke 14:25 shows discipleship and first faith go together, you cannot be a disciple of the devil and have saving faith.  Luke 14:25 reads: And there went great multitudes with him: and he turned, and said unto them, 26If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.27And whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple.  Matthew 13 shows an evil heart with the seed of faith does not bear fruit on good soil.  Those with no understanding etc are not saved any more than those in John 8:31.

Subsequently I wrote my Gospel tract which you can find in another link.