Back about 9 years ago I accepted the doctrine of OSAS as explained by the No-Repentance advocates.  Among these was Steven Anderson of Faithful World Baptist Church, who has a youtube channel called sanderson1611.   I have posted to his videos, some of which posts he has deleted.  Therefore I have created this page so that future posts can not be deleted and may be added to other places quickly and easily.

Questions And Answers

Q. Is it possible that the no-repentance doctrine can save souls?

A. Yes, when it is misunderstood.

Q. Is it possible for people to think they are saved when they are no saved in the no-repentance donctine?

A. Most definitely.

Q. How does the already but not yet principle effect salvation if you do not believe in it, that there must be present aspects to our salvation?

A. Unless we understand saved believers are in a process then we have a shipwrecked faith.

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