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Greek And Bible Texts

. If you want to refer to the Greek texts you can use Beza.   However after some study I believe that Robinson-Pierpont is a much better text.  You can purchase them at Amazon.com.  If you really want to know the word of God you need to see it in Greek.  It is NOT the same thing, you will not always come to the same conclusions.  If you really want to know what the Bible says, sometimes you need to see it in Greek.

The Greek New Testament for Beginning Readers: The Byzantine Greek Text & Verb Parsing [Hardcover]

Maurice A. Robinson (Editor), William G. Pierpont (Editor), John Jeffrey Dodson (Editor)


Link to Yellow Book.

The RP text has been translated into English here:


The Westcott and Hort introduction to their faulty Greek text used in all modern traslations.



Westcott and Hort Argument:




The New Testament in the Original Greek (Greek Edition) [Hardcover]

Maurice A. Robinson (Author), William G. Pierpont(Author)

Link to the Red book.