What do you think about 5G?




1970-1980 we started with 0.008 megabits per second, 1st Generation

1990-2004 we were running at 0.512 megabits per second,  2nd Generation

2004-2006 we were running at 2 megabits per second, download a movie in 26 hours, 3rd Generation

2006-2010 we were running at 100 megabits per second, download a movie in 6 minutes, 4G

2018-2020 implementing 100,000 -300,000 megabits per second, download a movie in 3.6 seconds, 5G



Presently as our society is being used as human Gini-pigs, doctors and scientists can now see with conclusive evidence that 4G is the cause for an epidemic of health effects especially in children.  Progress, there is no more need for us to debate this as before, the facts are in.

They have (among other things) found 4G to be responsible for a diabetes epidemic.  Ironically the way scientists artificially produce diabetes in lab rats is by exposing them to 25,000 megabits per second for a short period of time.

Today we encounter 4G not just on our phones but from stores, schools, gas meters, appliances, groups of 4G devices in our surroundings at work, transportation, and in our homes and apartments.  It adds up.

There have been no concerns of the effects of our exposure to 4G from any government agency nor from the wireless companies themselves. (why should they care, the faster it goes the more money they make) And sadly, no public group has had enough health concern to implement enough interest or change.  People are complacent. Thus, neither the government nor the wireless companies are held accountable to any standard other than to increasing profits.



The same frequencies used for pain-inflicting crowd control weapons from a distance are utilized by the military.  5G can be felt not like 4G.

The plan is for 5G to communicate with many more times the devices that 4G now communicates with, increasing not only with much stronger radiation antennas, but a much more saturated radiation field.

The reason why we are now inheriting 5G is because the public has not become aware, active, or communicative so as to guide government in implementing safe control standards.  There is no concrete movement finding acceptable limits and turning them into laws to protect the public, there as of yet has not been enough of a voice from the public.  But now would be a good time to wake up. If not we have to pay to put it up and we will have to pay with our health and finances to take it down.

For some interesting testimony see “Dr. Sharon Goldberg Testifies at Michigan’s 5G Small Cell Tower Legislation” and other such testimonies before government. Some of these are being deleted for no good reason by youtube.com.



If you and people you know become aware, and make our concerns known, then the problem can go away.  Please study it, talk about it, and make government responsible.  Thanks, and have a nice day.