16 Evolution Lies

Evolution Lies


The workability of the Scientific arguments for either supporting Evolution for the world to make itself or that the world was made by God.


By Donald Perry

Evolution is a teaching which says everything came from nothing.

For evolution to work there must be:

1. Cosmic Evolution, the evolution of laws which make all things possible in time space and matter.

2. Chemical Evolution, the evolution of all elements.

3. Planetary Evolution, the evolution of stars and planets.

4. Organic Evolution, the beginning of life from non-life.

5. Evolution of different animals.




    For evolution to work there must be either time for:

1. Deltas to form

2. Coral reefs to form

3. Deserts to form

4. Planets to move this way or that way.

5. Gravity to decrease.

6. Population to reach its present numbers, not enough people, 7 billion now 1 billion in 1800

Debunked proofs for evolution:

1. Green River formation, but the layers are inconsistent.

2. Mars Rock bacteria, debunked.

3. Planets and moons do not spin in the same direction for them to come off from the planets or the sun, or go in different directions.

4.  Why are the planets still hot?

5.  Why are all the planets so different if they all came off the same sun?

6.  Why does the galaxy spin in the wrong direction?

7. Bacteria is a lesser life form.

8. Planets are cooling.

9. Stars have never seen to be formed.

10. Saturn’s rings are moving away from Saturn.  See the book by Walt Brown.

11. Sirius was a red star, it is cooling off too fast for that to be billions of years old.

12. Jupiter is cooling off rapidly, it could not be billions of years old it would have been cold by now.

13. Jupitors moon has a strong magnetic field showing that it has a liquid core, it therefore could not be billions of years old.

14. A couple of inches a year the moon is moving farther away from the earth.  The tides would be too great 1.2 billion years the moon is too close to the earth.

15 Commits cannot last more than 10 thousand years ago, there is no observational evidence that it exists.

16. The earth has lost 10% of it’s stringth in the last 150 years and              40% in the last 1000 years, and therefore the earth can not be more then 25,000 years old and this fact means that carbon dating can not work.

17. The earth is spinning 1000 miles an hour at the equator and is slowing down 1000th of a second every day. This means you can not go back billions of year, the winds would be to strong from the Coriolis effect and day and night time would not exsist. Millions would also be a problem.

18. The Sahara desert has been very carefully studied and it is expanding by predominantly West winds, showing it to be 4000 years old. Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact, Germany, July 15, 1999 Geophysical Research letters.

19. Oil under incredible pressure, up to 20,000 PSI in some places. Scientists believe that the oil under pressure can only last 10,000 years.  Oil is made out of dead organisms, and is a short simple process.



For evolution to work there must be laws which are outside of what is normal.

1. For evolution to occur outside of what is common and typical and observable, outside the 2nd law of thermo dynamics, and this is a closed system where the energy, oxygen and radiation from the sun break things down.

2. For evolution to work there must be intermediate kinds, and those kinds must die off before that new kind is swallowed back up into the gene pool. This is circular reasoning because mutations are not helpful along the way to that “better” kind, and every kind still exists.  Rather intermediate kinds would have to continue to this day, and since they do not this proves that evolution does not happen.

    Moral problems for Evolutionists.

1.  How do you tell right from wrong.

2.  Personal value is zero.

3.  Death brings life, which is a Christian herecy.