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The 2001 Monolith is Corporate Media.

The Monolith is here to substitute what is natural for what is unnatural.   The intended result of the internet, google.com, youtube.com, video games, and television have an additional agenda.  That is to enslave the people to use up their time entertaining themselves with useless information while big business fills their pockets with their hard earned money.  The same way Dorothy, the tin man, the cowardly lion, and the straw man were needlessly enslaved to the wizard of OZ.

One must learn to have a limited use for these mediums.  If not, you will end up finding yourself at the end of long periods of time having accomplished little to nothing, as well as having accomplished much of what is intended by the Monolith.

What that is that will be done is what is suggested by wizards, and not by the Holy Spirit.   What becomes normal are values that should have no place in reality.

What needs to happen is that there must be inconvenience.  A switch to where it is left unplugged, where it takes time to plug it in and unplug it again.  Easy access to the youtube or the TV and video games is not always the best situation.

See David Wolfe, wifi interferes with the brains ability to produce melatonin.  Hopefully an inconveniences will lead you to do productive better things with your time.

What I have written should be obvious enough that nothing more should need be said.  However the problem is that the Monolith has enslaved people who are in denial or unaware that they are enslaved to it.