11 My Calcium Problem


My Disclaimer:

This is only my option on what I think has been working for me, if you want professional advice on heath care on what will work for you, find a doctor and do what he says.  See Quackwatch.com for that kind of help.

My Story:

In 2010 for over a year I could not walk, I could not sit, I could not do anything.  It hurt to move at all, and I had to stay in a perfect position all the time, or else I would be in excruciating pain.  I could barely get into the bathroom from the bed and onto the recliner for the rest of the day.  Had I gone to the Hospital I would have been given a steel hip replacement,  I had gradually over many years worn down my hip joint from cutting trees as a logger until it was bone on bone.   Doctors say it is impossible to grow back cartilage.  But instead what I did was amazing, I watched a lot of youtube.com videos from holistic doctors.  Doctors who are concerned about pure healthy foods (like coconut oil) rather then poisons (like fluoride) for heath treatments.

The first thing I did was I changed my diet, I stopped eating Special K, gluten, processed sugar, pasteurized milk, fluoride, and carrying my cell phone in my right pocket.  I reasoned that I might be able to build my cartilage back in 6 years after watching these videos.  After a year I was able to get off the couch with the help of crutches, and now it is 2015.   I am getting close to 100% healed, and I presume by the summer of 2017 I will not feel anything and be perfect.  Today I am also informed decisions and information to rebuild the rest of my body, from the beginning of my injury my goal was to  climb the Eiger in the Swiss Alps.  I found other important information as well.  Poor health and disease primarily has to do with what what you put in your mouth.  It is my hope that the information I have collected here will benefit others.  My opinion today is that we have been mislead, and things are not as bad as we have been told that they are, and that many of these problems we are facing today are totally preventable.

A simple rule to remember that should help is, you are what you eat, and if you ingest things that are poisons to your body you will suffer from those poisons.  It is a very simple idea really.

Although we would like to simply trust our doctors and dentists, the truth of the matter is that you need to take personal responsibility for your own health.  And I already proved that be the contradiction that Fluoride cannot be both good and bad for you at the same time.  There may be benefits to using poisons immediately, but my personal opinion is that they demonstrate no lasting value to the human body.  I think that our bodies have a wonderful design, and that what we should rely on is simply eating what is intended, what makes sense, and what works.