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http://www.fda.gov/downloads/drugs/guidancecomplianceregulatoryinformation/enforcementactivitiesbyfda/cyberletters/ucm056374.pdf  BTW, you need to scroll down to see the letter.

What the FDA is saying here is that if someone says that apples or cherries cure cancer better then chemo therapy they are committing a crime, because apples and cherries are not approved by the FDA for curing cancer.   However what I truly believe is that people need to do their own research anyway.   So therefore I think all I really need to do is provide keywords for these “Quack Treatments” so that people can look them up on Google.com and Yahoo.com and come to their own conclusions.  And since I am confident that I have the right conclusion in light of anything you will find on these topics, then I feel that this is all I need to do to make my point.  And that is to provide you with the *words* that these arguments are concerned with.  The problem is really simple, this is the problem: People like to be happy, ignorant and fill their heads with unimportant junk rather then do a little critical thinking.  People like to let other people think for them, but this is very unprofitable.  Now would be a good time to get started on your own research before you run into a problem, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  See the following keywords or links below:

Science Based Nutrition Blood Test

Chelation Therapy  Xeneplex

Low Stomach Acid after 30 H-Pylori

Chlorella Sperelena blue green algae mixed with nuro-toxins

Fluoride Shield

Organically Bound Minerals.

Acidophilus and Bifidum by American Health, Advanced Enzme System by Rainbow Light, .

Apple Cider Vinegar Organic


Kombucha Beneficial Probiotics

BioSil Bon Collagenizer and Metabolic Maintenance Magnesium Glycinate sugested by David Wolfe.

Dr. Ron’s Cal 1000 Mag 500 Hydroxyapatite Plus Optimal Bone Formula.

MSM from Transfer Point Inc. distributed by http://www.beta-glucan-info.com/msm.htm

Distilled fish oil / fermented Cod liver oil and butter from Green Pastures.

Icelandic and Himalayan Sea Salt



Potassium Iodide

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth from Earthworks Health

Ultimate Lifespan Digestive Health

Mountain Valley Spring Water.

Black Seed also called Nigella Sativa and black cumin + Lyme parasites. http://theblessedseed.blogspot.com/2011/03/warnings-and-precautions-about-black.html

Benvia Gold

Tart Cherry + melatonin




CoQ10 http://youtu.be/TtDlVob7uks Mercola.com

lyme and cancer, herpes etc. http://desbio.com/


Powdered Foods: Bulletproof Protein Powder.

Powdered Foods: David Wolfe Cacao Beans

Powdered Foods: Matt Monarch Warrior Blend from  Sunwarrior Proprietary Protein Blend ( Pea Protein, Cranberry Protein, Hemp Protein), Gum Blend (Fenugreek Gum, Konjac Gum, Guar Gum), Natural Flavor, Stevia extract, Medium Chain Triglycerides.

Powdered Foods: Shakeology

Foods: Sprouted nuts phytic acid + http://www.precisionnutrition.com/all-about-phytates-phytic-acid

Foods: Mountain Valley Spring Water `800-643-1501

Foods: Raw Milk + Lactose Intolerance

Foods: Eggs

Foods: Spinach

Foods: Avocado

Foods: Bone or Fish head broth.

Foods: Brussels sprouts

Foods: Sprouts

Foods: Broccoli

Foods: Cabbage

Foods: Cauliflower

Foods: Swiss chard

Foods: Collard greens, steamed

Foods: Kale, steamed

Foods: Green leafy Vegetables

Foods: Asparagus,

Foods: Lintels

Foods: Carrots

Foods: Bell peppers

Foods: Olive Oil, from a reputable source not with fructose (see Food Babe)

Foods: Sprouted lentils

Foods: Cranberry

Foods: Oranges

Foods: Strawberries

Foods: Cantaloupe

Foods: Banana

Foods: Sardines with bones + fukushima disaster fairwinds

Foods: Salmon

Atomic Particles + Dr. Rima: Action Whey from Emerald Express

Atomic Particles + Rev Resveratrol.  Complex: Fruit

Atomic Particles + Emerald Express: Sea Vegetables

Atomic Particles + Nu Shield Ionic Mineral Concentrate liquid Boron and Iodine

Atomic Particles + Additionally MSM + Iodine

Teeth + Neem + coconut oil + Himalayan salt

Clean Air + Bamboo palm “advanced pure air filter”

Neck pain + pillow David Wolfe

TriField Meter Model 100XE

Microwave ovens Water + Kettle Water + watering plants

Cell phones + reduced cartilage growth + radiates your blood.

Bill Schnoebelen Superfoods: Chinese wolfberries

Bill Schnoebelen Superfoods: Lecithin

Bill Schnoebelen Superfoods: Bee Pollen & Royal Jelly

Bill Schnoebelen Superfoods: Blueberries

Bill Schnoebelen Superfoods: Raspberries Apricots

Bill Schnoebelen Superfoods: Black-Strap Molasses

Bill Schnoebelen Superfoods: Green Foods Spirulina Etc

Bill Schnoebelen Superfoods: Siberian Ginseng / Donquay

Bill Schnoebelen Superfoods: Astragals

Bill Schnoebelen Superfoods: Cayenne

Bill Schnoebelen Superfoods: Reishi & Maitake

Bill Schnoebelen Superfoods: Alfalfa – The king of herbs and Ginger, good cure for arthritius

Bill Schnoebelen Superfoods: Green Tea

Bill Schnoebelen Superfoods: Marine Phitoplynction

Cardiac Disease +Hawthorne Berries

Cardiac Disease +Lilly of the valley

Cardiac Disease +Cayenne

Cardiac Disease +Coenzyme Q – 10 and wheat germ oil

Cardiac Disease +Essential Oils of goldenrod, with lavender helichrysum, idaho tansy or rose

Cardiac Disease +Arrhythmia – oil of ylang ylang

Cancer +Red Clover

Cancer +Poke Root, licorice root, cascara sagrada, sarsaparilla, prickly ash, burdock, buckthorn, Oregon grape root, peach bark

Cancer + Chaparral !!!

Cancer + Skin- cleavers

Cancer + Breast – Poke root and bayberry

Cancer Rectal – chickweed

Cancer Prostate – Red Clover, plus dietary changes


Cancer + Mitake Mushroom (http://www.mushroomscience.com/products/)

Cancer + Apricot seeds.

Cancer + Flax Oil mixed with 1 X 2 with cottage cheese for oxygen brings oxygen into the body.

Cancer + Dr. Flanagan’s Mega-Hydrate

High Blood Pressure + Solvent herbs to get the sludge out of the blood.

High Blood Pressure + Cayenne, Garlic, Sassafras

High Blood Pressure + Dr Shook-valerian root, licorice root, buckthorn, speedwell, linden flowers, [rue complicated     herb] and golden rod.

High Blood Pressure + Dr Christopher-  Ginger cayenne, goldenseal, ginseng, parsley, garlic

High Blood Pressure + Essential oil of goldenrod.

Indigestion + Enzymes, raw foods

Indigestion + Cascara sagrada, and water

Indigestion + slippery elm

Indigestion + elecampane and papaya

Indigestion + Echinacea and golden seal

Indigestion + Ginger, caraway, cardamom

Indigestion + Essential oil of Peppermint, Fennel

Asthma + sugar or High-Fructose, test for mold with your doctor.

Asthma + Vitamin B12

Asthma + Vitamin B6

Asthma + Magnesium

Asthma + Cod-liver oil

Asthma + Poor digestion, giving way to allergies to foods, especially milk.

Asthma + Hydrochloric acid and pepsin pills are good for digestion.

MSM DMSO David Wolfe

Folic acid

Zeolite powder Chernobyl Foam

Nascent Iodine



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