09 SAnderson Baptism

No-Repentance-Faith Debunked. Please explain 1Pet.3:21 “…The like figure whereunto even baptism doth also now save us (not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God,) by the resurrection of Jesus Christ:…” Please explain how Jesus can be the Way if you do not follow Him through baptism. Mark.16[16] He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.  What FWBC is advocating is that Christians can be saved without the Holy Spirit and on a contractual bases for which the Bible does not support.  In effect they refuse baptism, the cross, the Holy Spirit thinking that they are in contract when the Bible clearly teaches that they are not.  The gift of the Holy Spirit is Faith.  It is not a gift of Man.  Even the devils believe that Jesus can damn them or save them. I personally lived this optional-cross Christian life for 9 years. The cross is not optional, if you do not have baptism (Romans 6) then you are not saved. 4 Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life. 5 For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection:6 Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin. 7 For he that is dead is freed from sin. 8 Now if we be dead with Christ, we believe that we shall also live with him …” Galatians 3:27 “For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.”

If you do not have Christ, if you have not put on Christ, if you do not have the Holy Spirit, then you are like the Christians Steven Anderson is talking about. But if you have Christ you will do the works of Christ. Col. 2:11-12 “In Him you were also circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, by putting off the body [b]of the sins of the flesh, by the circumcision of Christ, 12 buried with Him in baptism, in which you also were raised with Him through faith in the working of God, who raised Him from the dead.” In Salvation it is not without the means of the Holy Spirit.

09 SAnderson FWBC OSAS

Back about 9 years ago I got lost in the Doctrine of OSAS No-Repent Salvation.  This doctrine is explained by Steve Anderson of Faithful World Baptist Church, Zane Hodges, Charles Stanley, Ryre and others.  Faithful Word Baptist Church Steve Anderson has a youtube channel named sanderson1611.  Because he has deletes arguments answering his videos he has forced me to create my answers on my own website.  I think Steven Anderson is a fine man, thou a false prophet, I radically disagree with his perspective on salvation.

Q & A

Q Do you believe FWBC doctrine can save?

A Yes, when it is misunderstood.

Q Do you think FWBC doctrine can mislead unsaved people into believing they are saved when they are not saved?

A Yes

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09 SAnderson Unlimited Atonement

@Randy Couture You wrote: “Later on we learn from John that Jesus didn’t just die for “our sins” (in this context you would say he is writing only to believers) but was also a propritiation sins for the whole world.”


Randy, you want to say that Jesus died for everyone. That is your goal. But on the day Jesus died many did not hear the Gospel, take those in China for example or off in the jungle. Great, Jesus died for the whole world, so why can’t the whole world know about then? Is God wrong to say in Romans 1:20 “that they are without excuse” even though they know nothing of Christ or the Gospel to be saved? And if God knows all things, why did He create the wicked, if He knew they would not accept Him? Did He just want to put people in Hell for no good reason? You want to make an issue out of something that you yourself already have a problem with. No matter how we look at it God is still to blame for who does not get saved to some extent, like it or not. So, we have to live with that. I explain it as having to do with God, you explain it as having to do with man’s choice. But we both know that God has more to do with it than that. We can say Jesus died for everyone, but then after that it means nothing, we have a very weak Jesus, no one gets saved in China for hundreds of years. The Bible says that God chose Israel among all the nations of the world, he did not choose the whole world to seek atonement with Moses. The atonement under Moses was not for the whole world, was it? No, it was only to those who repented and brought offerings for sin etc. The Bible says in John that Jesus lays down His life for His sheep. You want to say that Jesus has an intimate relationship with goats and the Pharisees. That Jesus was to die for the Pharisees, yet He says that these are the days of vengeance, that His blood would be on them not for atonement but for judgment. Luke 11 [50] That the blood of all the prophets, which was shed from the foundation of the world, may be required of this generation; [51] From the blood of Abel unto the blood of Zacharias, which perished between the altar and the temple: verily I say unto you, It shall be required of this generation. Rather God chose certain people like Paul to save them, and He saved them in spite of themselves not because of themselves. You believe all you have to do is have your faith and believe, and it is by this you are in contract with God, that you believe God can save you while you are in sin, that you do not have to repent from sin. And while this is true, when you are saved, if you are saved then it is by God’s power and in His power you have the Holy Spirit who preforms work. What your church is advocating is that you are saved without union to Christ or the indwelling of the Holy Spirit who preforms works, and not the kind of works of those in John 8:30,31 who did not the works of Abraham in John 8:39. If you are a Christinan you must repent of this false no- repentance necessary blasphemous wicked sinful doctrine that allows you to live as you please outside the Lordship of Christ. Christ was a servant, how can He not be your Lord?, I am referring to Lordship salvation. And this has to do with the Holy Spirit. If you do not have the holy oil you are not going into the wedding feast.


Lyme Disease

I have some kind of Lyme now.  I believe if I use Japanese Knot Weed, Cats Claw, Astragalus, Olive Leaf at over 3000 mg 2 x a day you do not need to stay on antibiotics when they do not work.  See www.buhnerhealinglyme.com.   Presently I am trying to get my body temperature up to 107.3 but have not been able to do so with the system I am presently using.

In the process, I have found that I need to be using stomach acid pills (Betaine HCL) and I need to drink more water which is the reason I have dry skin.

I also found out that when I am no so physically active I can have crippling joint pain.

KJV VS Majority Text

NKJV Foot Note References to the MT



Comparing the underlying text of the KJV {know as the received text recreated by Scrivener} to the Majority text (as done for us in NKJV Bibles) reveals at this point no differences (with the exception of where I have highlighted in yellow or else underlined).  Reading a  English Robinson translation along a KJV Bible will not give you a true picture of where are these differences because often enough the KJV does not follow that text supported by Scrivener and his re-created received text or the KJV is only making a choice between two equally supported meanings. In other words it takes a Greek scholar to find true differences in texts here, and not meaningless differences.



Matthew 4:10 “Away with you,[d] Satan! M-Text reads Get behind Me.

Galatians 4:24 which things are symbolic. For these are the[a] two covenants NU-Text and M-Text omit the.

Ephesians 1:18 the eyes of your understanding[a] being enlightened NU-Text and M-Text read hearts.

Ephesians 3:9 and to make all see what is the fellowship[a] of the mystery NU-Text and M-Text read stewardship (dispensation).

Ephesians 4:6 one God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you[a] all. NU-Text omits you; M-Text reads us.

Philippians 3:3 For we are the circumcision, who worship God in the Spirit,[a] rejoice in Christ Jesus NU-Text and M-Text read who worship in the Spirit of God

Philippians 4:3 And[a] I urge you also, true companion, help these women  NU-Text and M-Text read Yes.

Colossians 1:6 and is bringing forth fruit,[b] as it is also among you  NU-Text and M-Text add and growing.

Colossians 1:14 in whom we have redemption through His blood,[c] the forgiveness of sins.  NU-Text and M-Text omit through His blood.

Colossians 1:27 among the Gentiles: which[d] is Christ in you  M-Text reads who.

1 Thessalonians 2:2 But even[a] after we had suffered before and were spitefully treated at Philippi  NU-Text and M-Text omit even.

1 Thessalonians 2:11 and comforted, and charged[b] every one of you  NU-Text and M-Text read implored.

2 Thessalonians 1:10  among all those who believe,[a] because our testimony among you was believed. NU-Text and M-Text read have believed.

2 Thessalonians 3:6 not according to the tradition which he[a]received from us.  NU-Text and M-Text read they.

1 Timothy 5:4  for this is good and[a]acceptable before God.  NU-Text and M-Text omit good and.

1 Timothy 6:5   useless wranglings[a] of men of corrupt minds and destitute of the truth  NU-Text and M-Text read constant friction.

2 Timothy 1:1 Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ[a] by the will of God  NU-Text and M-Text read Christ Jesus.

2 Timothy 2:19 “Let everyone who names the name of Christ[c] depart from iniquity.” NU-Text and M-Text read the Lord.

Titus 2:8 having nothing evil to say of you.[b]  NU-Text and M-Text read us.

Philemon 1:6 every good thing which is in you[b] in Christ Jesus.  NU-Text and M-Text read us.

Philemon 1:7 For we have[c] great joy[d] and consolation in your love  M-Text reads thanksgiving.

Hebrews 2:7 You have crowned him with glory and honor,[a] And set him over the works of Your hands. NU-Text and M-Text omit the rest of verse 7.

Hebrews 4:2 they heard did not profit them, [a] not being mixed with faith in those who heard it.

NU-Text and M-Text read profit them, since they were not united by faith with those who heeded it.

Hebrews 6:3  And this we will[a] do if God permits.  M-Text reads let us do.

Hebrews 6:18 we might[e] have strong consolation M-Text omits might.

Hebrews 11:13  were assured of them,[c]embraced them NU-Text and M-Text omit were assured of them.

Hebrews 11:26 the treasures in[e] Egypt  NU-Text and M-Text read of.

Hebrews 12:20  it shall be stoned[e] or shot   NU-Text and M-Text omit the rest of this verse.

Hebrews 12:28 by which we may[j] serve God   M-Text omits may.

Hebrews 13:9 Do not be carried about[c]with various and strange doctrines. NU-Text and M-Text read away.

Hebrews 13:21 working in you[d] what is well pleasing in His sight,  NU-Text and M-Text read us.

James 4:2  Yet[a] you do not have because you do not ask.  NU-Text and M-Text omit Yet.

James 4:12 ,[d] who is able to save and to destroy.  NU-Text and M-Text read But who.

James 4:13 “Today or tomorrow we will[g] go  M-Text reads let us.

James 5:9 lest you be condemned.[c] Behold  NU-Text and M-Text read judged.

James 5:12 lest you fall into judgment.[d] M-Text reads hypocrisy.

1 Peter 1:8 whom having not seen[a] you love.  M-Text reads known.

1 Peter 1:12 not to themselves, but to us[b] they were ministering NU-Text and M-Text read you.

1 Peter 2:21 leaving us[g] an example NU-Text and M-Text read you.

1 Peter 3:18 that He might bring us[e] to God NU-Text and M-Text read you.

1 Peter 3:20  Divine longsuffering waited[f] in the days of Noah NU-Text and M-Text read when the longsuffering of God

1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because[c] NU-Text and M-Text omit because.

1 Peter 5:10 the God of all grace, who called us[e]  NU-Text and M-Text read you.

2 Peter 2:3 their destruction does[a] not slumber. M-Text reads will not.

2 Peter 3:2 and of the commandment of us,[a] the apostles of the Lord and Savior,  NU-Text and M-Text read commandment

of the apostles of your Lord and Savior or commandment of your apostles of the Lord and Savior.

1 John 1:4  And these things we write to you that your[a] joy may be full. NU-Text and M-Text read our.

1 John 3:1  the world does not know us,[b] M-Text reads you.

1 John 3:23  as He gave us[e]commandment. M-Text omits us.

1 John 5:4  And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our[a] faith. M-Text reads your.

1 John 5:8 In heaven: the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit; and these three are one. 8 And there are

three that bear witness on earth:[b] M-Text omit the words from in heaven (verse 7) through on earth (verse 8). Only four or

five very late manuscripts contain these words in Greek.

2 John 1:3  and peace will be with you[a] from God NU-Text and M-Text read us.

3 John 1:11 He who does good is of God, but[d] he NU-Text and M-Text omit but.

Jude 1:12 carried about[c] by the winds NU-Text and M-Text read along.

Jude 1:24 Now to Him who is able to keep you[f] from stumbling, M-Text reads them.

  1. Revelation 1:5 NU-Text reads loves us and freed; M-Text reads loves us and washed.
  2. Revelation 1:6 NU-Text and M-Text read a kingdom.
  3. Revelation 1:8 NU-Text and M-Text omit the Beginning and the End.
  4. Revelation 1:8 NU-Text and M-Text add God.
  5. Revelation 1:9 NU-Text and M-Text omit both.
  6. Revelation 1:11 NU-Text and M-Text omit I am through third and.
  7. Revelation 1:11 NU-Text and M-Text omit which are in Asia.
  8. Revelation 1:17 NU-Text and M-Text omit to me.
  9. Revelation 1:19 NU-Text and M-Text read Therefore, write.
  10. Revelation 1:20 NU-Text and M-Text omit which you saw.
  11. Revelation 2:15 NU-Text and M-Text read likewise for which thing I hate.
  12. Revelation 2:19 NU-Text and M-Text read faith, service.
  13. Revelation 2:20 NU-Text and M-Text read I have against you that you tolerate.
  14. Revelation 2:20 M-Text reads your wife Jezebel.
  15. Revelation 2:20 NU-Text and M-Text read and teaches and seduces.
  16. Revelation 2:21 NU-Text and M-Text read time to repent, and she does not want to repent of her sexual immorality.
  17. Revelation 2:22 NU-Text and M-Text read her.
  18. Revelation 2:24 NU-Text and M-Text omit and.
  19. Revelation 2:24 NU-Text and M-Text omit will.
  20. Revelation 3:2 NU-Text and M-Text read My God.
  21. Revelation 3:4 NU-Text and M-Text read Nevertheless you have a few names in Sardis.
  22. Revelation 3:7 Isaiah 22:22
  23. Revelation 3:8 NU-Text and M-Text read which no one can shut.
  24. Revelation 3:11 NU-Text and M-Text omit Behold.
  25. Revelation 3:14 NU-Text and M-Text read in Laodicea.
  26. Revelation 3:16 NU-Text and M-Text read hot nor cold.
  27. Revelation 4:3 M-Text omits And He who sat there was (which makes the description in verse 3 modify the throne rather than God).
  28. Revelation 4:4 NU-Text and M-Text read robes, with crowns.
  29. Revelation 4:5 NU-Text and M-Text read voices, and thunderings.
  30. Revelation 4:5 M-Text omits the.
  31. Revelation 4:6 NU-Text and M-Text add something like.
  32. Revelation 4:8 M-Text has holy nine times.
  33. Revelation 4:11 NU-Text and M-Text read our Lord and God.
  34. Revelation 4:11 NU-Text and M-Text read existed.
  35. Revelation 5:4 NU-Text and M-Text omit and read.
  36. Revelation 5:5 NU-Text and M-Text omit to loose.
  37. Revelation 5:6 NU-Text and M-Text read I saw in the midst . . . a Lamb standing.
  38. Revelation 5:10 NU-Text and M-Text read them.
  39. Revelation 5:10 NU-Text and M-Text read they.
  40. Revelation 5:13 M-Text adds Amen.
  41. Revelation 5:14 NU-Text and M-Text omit twenty-four.
  42. Revelation 5:14 NU-Text and M-Text omit Him who lives forever and ever.
  43. Revelation 6:1 NU-Text and M-Text read seven seals.
  44. Revelation 6:3 NU-Text and M-Text omit and see.
  45. Revelation 6:6 Greek choinix; that is, approximately one quart
  46. Revelation 6:6 This was approximately one day’s wage for a worker.
  47. Revelation 6:12 NU-Text and M-Text omit behold.
  48. Revelation 6:12 NU-Text and M-Text read the whole moon.
  49. Revelation 6:15 NU-Text and M-Text read the commanders, the rich men.
  50. Revelation 7:5 In NU-Text and M-Text were sealed is stated only in verses 5a and 8c; the words are understood in the remainder of the passage.
  51. Revelation 7:14 NU-Text and M-Text read My lord.
  52. Revelation 7:17 NU-Text and M-Text read to fountains of the waters of life.

aaa. Revelation 8:7 NU-Text and M-Text add and a third of the earth was burned up.

bbb. Revelation 8:13 NU-Text and M-Text read eagle.

ccc. Revelation 9:19 NU-Text and M-Text read the power of the horses.

ddd. Revelation 9:21 NU-Text and M-Text read drugs.

eee. Revelation 10:4 NU-Text and M-Text read sounded.

fff. Revelation 10:4 NU-Text and M-Text omit to me.

ggg. Revelation 10:5 NU-Text and M-Text read right hand.

hhh. Revelation 10:11 NU-Text and M-Text read they.

iii. Revelation 11:1 NU-Text and M-Text omit And the angel stood.

jjj. Revelation 11:4 NU-Text and M-Text read Lord.

kkk. Revelation 11:8 NU-Text and M-Text read their.

lll. Revelation 11:9 NU-Text and M-Text read nations see . . . and will not allow.

mmm. Revelation 11:12 M-Text reads I.

nnn. Revelation 11:15 NU-Text and M-Text read kingdom . . . has become.

ooo. Revelation 11:17 NU-Text and M-Text omit and who is to come.

ppp. Revelation 11:19 M-Text reads the covenant of the Lord.

qqq. Revelation 12:8 M-Text reads him.

rrr. Revelation 12:17 NU-Text and M-Text omit Christ.

sss. Revelation 13:1 NU-Text and M-Text read ten horns and seven heads.

ttt. Revelation 13:5 M-Text reads make war.

uuu. Revelation 13:7 NU-Text and M-Text add and people.

vvv. Revelation 13:14 M-Text reads my own people.

Revelation 13:17 NU-Text and M-Text omit or.

Revelation 14:1 NU-Text and M-Text read the.

www. Revelation 14:1 NU-Text and M-Text add His name and.

xxx. Revelation 14:4 M-Text adds by Jesus.

yyy. Revelation 14:5 NU-Text and M-Text read falsehood.

zzz. Revelation 14:5 NU-Text and M-Text omit before the throne of God.

aaaa. Revelation 14:8 NU-Text reads Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, which has made; M-Text reads Babylon the great is fallen. She has made.

bbbb. Revelation 14:12 NU-Text and M-Text omit here are those.

cccc. Revelation 14:13 NU-Text and M-Text omit to me.

dddd. Revelation 14:15 NU-Text and M-Text omit for You.

eeee. Revelation 15:2 NU-Text and M-Text omit over his mark.

ffff. Revelation 15:3 NU-Text and M-Text read nations.

gggg. Revelation 15:5 NU-Text and M-Text omit behold.

hhhh. Revelation 16:1 NU-Text and M-Text read seven bowls.

iiii. Revelation 16:5 NU-Text and M-Text omit O Lord.

jjjj. Revelation 16:5 NU-Text and M-Text read who was, the Holy One.

kkkk. Revelation 16:6 NU-Text and M-Text omit For.

llll. Revelation 16:7 NU-Text and M-Text omit another from.

mmmm. Revelation 16:14 NU-Text and M-Text omit of the earth and.

nnnn. Revelation 16:16 M-Text reads Megiddo.

oooo. Revelation 17:1 NU-Text and M-Text omit to me.

pppp. Revelation 17:4 M-Text reads the filthiness of the fornication of the earth.

qqqq. Revelation 17:8 NU-Text and M-Text read and shall be present.

rrrr. Revelation 17:16 NU-Text and M-Text read saw, and the beast.

ssss. Revelation 18:2 NU-Text and M-Text omit mightily.

tttt. Revelation 18:5 NU-Text and M-Text read have been heaped up.

uuuu. Revelation 18:6 NU-Text and M-Text omit to you.

vvvv. Revelation 18:8 NU-Text and M-Text read has judged.

wwww. Revelation 18:14 NU-Text and M-Text read been lost to you.

xxxx. Revelation 18:20 NU-Text and M-Text read saints and apostles.

yyyy. Revelation 19:1 NU-Text and M-Text add something like.

zzzz. Revelation 19:1 NU-Text and M-Text omit the Lord.

aaaaa. Revelation 19:5 NU-Text and M-Text omit both.

bbbbb. Revelation 19:6 NU-Text and M-Text read our.

ccccc. Revelation 19:12 M-Text adds names written, and.

ddddd. Revelation 19:14 NU-Text and M-Text read pure white linen.

eeeee. Revelation 19:15 M-Text adds two-edged.

fffff. Revelation 19:17 NU-Text and M-Text read the great supper of God.

ggggg. Revelation 19:18 NU-Text and M-Text read both free.

hhhhh. Revelation 20:4 M-Text reads the.

iiiii. Revelation 20:10 NU-Text and M-Text add also.

jjjjj. Revelation 20:12 NU-Text and M-Text read the throne.

kkkkk. Revelation 20:14 NU-Text and M-Text add the lake of fire.

lllll. Revelation 21:2 NU-Text and M-Text omit John.

mmmmm. Revelation 21:5 NU-Text and M-Text omit to me.

nnnnn. Revelation 21:6 M-Text omits It is done.

ooooo. Revelation 21:7 M-Text reads overcomes, I shall give him these things.

ppppp. Revelation 21:8 M-Text adds and sinners.

qqqqq. Revelation 21:9 NU-Text and M-Text omit to me.

rrrrr. Revelation 21:9 M-Text reads I will show you the woman, the Lamb’s bride.

sssss. Revelation 21:10 NU-Text and M-Text omit the great and read the holy city, Jerusalem.

ttttt. Revelation 21:14 NU-Text and M-Text read twelve names.

uuuuu. Revelation 21:23 NU-Text and M-Text omit in it.

vvvvv. Revelation 21:23 M-Text reads the very glory.

wwwww. Revelation 21:24 NU-Text and M-Text omit of those who are saved.

xxxxx. Revelation 21:24 M-Text reads the glory and honor of the nations to Him.

yyyyy. Revelation 21:26 M-Text adds that they may enter in.

zzzzz. Revelation 21:27 NU-Text and M-Text read anything profane, nor one who causes.

aaaaaa. Revelation 22:1 And He showed me a 1. pure river of water of life, M-Text omit Pure.

bbbbbb. Revelation 22:8 saw and heard M-Text heard and saw

bbbbbb. Revelation 22:9 See M-Text For see that you do not do that.

bbbbbb. Revelation 22:11  Be righteous still M-Text Do right still

bbbbbb. Revelation 22:13 Beginning and the End, the First and the Last.  M-Test First and the last beginning and the end

bbbbbb. Revelation 22:15 But outside are dogs. M-Text omit But.

bbbbbb. Revelation 22:18 For I testify … M-Text omit For

bbbbbb. Revelation 22:18 God will add M-Text May God add

bbbbbb. Revelation 22:19 God will take away M-Text May God take away

bbbbbb. Revelation 22:19 Tree of Life M-Text Book of life

bbbbbb. Revelation 22:21 with you all M-Text with all the saints.