Karl Barth is another Norman Geisler.

 Karl Barth is another Norman Geisler.

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The Doctrine Of God 11/2  pg. 103-104:  “In its simplest and most comprehensive form the dogma of predestination consists, then, in the assertion that the divine predestination is the election of Jesus Christ… But now in the place of the blank, this unknown quantity, we are to put the name Jesus Christ …it is definitely not in order to answer with a mysterious shrug of the shoulders. …How can the doctrine of predestination be anything but “dark” and obscure if in its very first tenet, the tenet which determines all the rest, it can speak only of a decretum absolutum [1]. In trying to understand Jesus Christ as the electing God we abandon this tradition, but we hold fast by Jn 1:1,2”

Bart has departed from God’s election and replaced it with his own idea, which by default means that he replaced it with Unitarianism, where Christ’s atonement is now meaningless.

The Doctrine Of The Word Of God 1/2 pg. 374
“We cannot therefore say that it [Brotherly Love] is the product of a transformation of the creaturely into divine reality, nor can we say that in it the divine reality has taken the place of the creaturely. In strict analogy with incarnation of the Word in Jesus Christ, what takes place in man by the revelation of God is this: his humanity is not impaired, but in the Word of God heard and believed by him he finds the Lord, indeed in the strict and proper sense he finds the subject of his humanity, for on his behalf Jesus Christ stands and rightly stands in His humanity at the right hand of the Father. For that very reason all that he can do is in his humanity to seek God in this Jesus Christ and therefore to love Him. When the children of God leave, they are the earthly members of His body, longing for their heavenly Head.”

Rather, a Christian is a new creature in Christ transformed into the divine reality Eph 2, it is not that his true humanity is awakened. Man is dead in trespasses and sins. He needs a resurrection not a moment of realization of mankind. Later in his notes Barth seems to affirm this contracting himself in the opinion of Peter Lombard. Pg. 374 “It was Peter Lombard who maintained the doctrine that the love with which we love God and our neighbor is nothing but God. Indeed, as he saw it, it is the Holy Spirit Himself.”  Perhaps Barth is simply trying to wiggle his way into the church by using Lombard here.



[1.]  decretum absolutum  means absolute, or eternal decree. Barth is talking about double predestination here.



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