The Right Heavy Down Jacket For Winter

Heavy Down And Expidition Jackets

I tried a few down heavy down jackets and this is what I recommend:

The Valandre has a no stick zipper, it’s simply amazing!  There first version had a hood that was too small to go over a helmet.  I am not sure if they fixed it or not yet.  But if you do not need a helmet I can recommend this as the best jacket.

If you need a good hood that will go over your helmet, but don’t care about the zipper getting stuck I would suggest the following Rab jackets.  Anything too much thinner that this Neutrion, or without a hood isn’t worth it. ,  And anything thicker then the 7000 is too heavy for low altitude climbing.  I am referring to the 8000.

If you really have to get something thin, this is the jacket I like, the small baffles and color make it a great jacket.  

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